Mendelssohn's Allegro Brillant

Duo Rideau is now working on Mendelssohn's Allegro Brillant. This piece is a special one because it was composed for Clara Schumann.  Mendelssohn performed it with Clara shortly after its completion.

The Allegro Brillant is sometimes preceded by an Andante, which is very lyrical. The Andante was composed specifically for the occasion where he played with Clara.

Publishers did not include the Andante in the published editions until recently, where we can now find the Andante Allegro together again. Duo Rideau will present the whole work, including the Andante, in a concert as part of the 2014-2015 season.

Paganni Variations (bis)

We now have a four hands piano version of the 18th Paganni Variation. We performed this work in our latest concert, on February 2nd 2014. We also premiered a work by Ottawa composer Christine Donkin, 'Cats and Patterns'. This last work, also for four hands piano, is based on drawings by British artist Louis Wain.

You will soon be able to listen to excerpts of this work in the audio section of this website.

Paganini Variations

We are actually working on arranging the 18th variation of the Paganini Variations for one piano four hands. We will be performing this work in a concert coming up in February on Ground Hog Day!

We will try to put the transcription online and available once it is done. Please come back and check for more details soon.


Very recently we played several pieces for the local Musical Arts Club.  We were scheduled to play last on the program due to teaching schedules, and so we didn't arrive to hear the beginning of the first performance.  Instead, we arrived just after it had begun.  Because these meetings take place at people's houses, entering in the middle of a performance can often be quite a distraction.  When we got to the front door, we could already hear the first performer had started her Liszt.  We also knew it was a long piece, and we were COLD outside!!  So, rather than interrupt the performance, we decided to sit in Amelie's car with it's heavenly seat warmers.  It was too bad we missed the performance, but at least we didn't interrupt, and it was wonderful to get toasty and warm before we had to play!

Cats & patterns

A few weeks ago, the duo Rideau had the opportunity to work with Canadian Composer Christine Donkin on a work called Cats and Patterns.

"Cats & Patterns is a set of six pieces inspired by the work of late British artist and illustrator Louis Wain. Wain was well known and loved during his lifetime for his cartoon-like drawings of cats. Later in life his mental health deteriorated, and he spent his last fifteen years in hospitals, but he continued to produce artwork. No longer limited by the constraints of commissioned work, he was free to experiment with different artistic styles, and one recurring theme in his output from this time involves combinations of cats and patterns."

It was a great session for the duo and we are now looking forward to perform excerpts on this work in a concert this coming week.